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Karekare, Auckland, New Zealand


Karekare is a rural and coastal settlement located on Auckland's west coast, sandwiched between the Waitakere Ranges and a black sand surf beach. It is home to approximately 270 permanent residents.

Karekare has been impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle.

The roads have been severely compromised.

Essential travel only

Sightseers, Daytripper's are discouraged from coming to the area at the current time

updated 18/2/2023 16:00


Crickey ! Better be careful

Shellfish Rahui


Visitors to Karekare are asked to observe a longstanding ban on the taking of shellfish.

Whatipu Scientific Reserve

South of Karekare Beach. The dunes, associated lakes and wetlands provide significant habitat for wildlife.


Surf  Report

Karekare Volcano

The rocks that form the cliffs and landforms at Karekare Beach were deposited and erupted on the eastern slopes of the Waitakere Volcano during the Early Miocene (19-16 million years ago).

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